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UDB banks and digital system routing

The PSoC 5LP logic fabric consists of two banks B0 and B1.

B0 contains 4 UDB quads. B1 contains 2 UDB quads.

Each UDB quad contains 2 UDB Pairs. The UDB Pairs are: B0_P0 B0_P0 B0_P1 B0_P2 B0_P3 B0_P4 B0_P5 B0_P6 B0_P7 B1_P2 B1_P3 B1_P4 B1_P5

Each Pair contains 2 UDBs.

Between the two UDB Pairs of a UDB Quad are HS (horizontal segmentation) switches necessary for traversing two UDB Pairs horizontally.

VS (Vertical Segmentation) switches are necessary for traversing rows of UDB pairs vertically.

Between the perpendicular VS and HS segmentation are HV_L and HV_R switchboxes (Horizontal-to-Vertical Left and Horizontal-to-Vertical Right). HV switchboxes need only be used when switching from horizontal to vertical.

Between the UDBs of a UDB Pair are the HC (Horizontal Channel) switchboxes for interfacing HV switchboxes or VS/HS segmentation switches with UDB port interfaces and UDB outputs.

Above and below the UDB banks there are the top row of DSI blocks and the bottom row of DSI blocks. DSI blocks are used for routing between peripherals and the UDB array, or between peripherals and other peripherals etc. The DSI blocks contain HC switchboxes, HV switchboxes, HS switches, and VS switches that are very similar to those found in UDB Pair routing. However, DSI port interfaces interface with other on-chip peripherals rather than UDBs.