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At the moment we're focused on the PSoC 5LP, but we're interested in the PSoC 4's and PSoC 6's as well.


psoc5lp glossary What means what in the psoc5lp with links to the regmap
psoc5lp regmap The regmap can be filtered arbitrarily using a pair or pairs of bitmasks in the querystring. See how.
psoc5lp switching map (needs to be cleaned-up/updated/filled-in)
psoc5lp tabular logic and routing fabric connections in tabular form. X/Y coordinates + associated register bits.
psoc5lp peripheral mappings (WIP)
psoc5lp tools setting up openocd for use with the KitProg and PSoC 5LP
psoc5lp example configs Sample routing config, Boolean AND and Boolean OR in routing fabric, etc.

see also

PSoC 4 hack-upgrade. See: 0 and 1
Aigo Chinese encrypted HDD − Part 2: Dumping the Cypress PSoC 1


I'm Andreas Bernhard Wagner and also pointfree on irc freenode. I'm always in ##openfpga (and ##PSoC). There are more of us in those channels. You can also email me at